Rory Gallagher Greatest Hits Серия: Steel Box Collection инфо 6598v.

Диск упакован в металлическую коробку Содержание 1 Loanshark Blues 2 Bought & Sold 3 Bad Penny 4 Cruise On Out 5 Crest Of A Wave 6 I'm Not Surprised 7 Unmilitary Two-Step бшюьч8 Alexis 9 Edged In Blue 10 They Don't Make Them Like You Anymore 11 The Devil Made Me Do It 12 Too Much Alcohol (Live) 13 I Could Have Had Religion (Live) 14 Shin Kicker (Live) Исполнитель Рори Галлахер Rory Gallagher.

Цена: 423 р.