Peter Thomas Chariots Of The Gods? Серия: Jazzclub инфо 5577v.

Ремастированное издание, содержит раскладку с дополнительной информацией на английском языке Содержание 1 Nazca: Imaginary Landing In Peru (Theme From Chariots Of The Gods?) 2 Nebula 3 Mount Palбщаыюomar Observatory: Eye Into The Sky 4 Cult Music And Conch Horn 5 Popular Myth And The Destruction Of Sodom 6 The Bible: Book Of Ezekiel 7 The Red Sea 8 Decani Monastery And The Ruins Of Zimbabwe 9 Chichen Itza: Temple Of The Virgins 10 The Mвзигйap Of Piri Reis 11 Stars And Rockets 12 Gods From Strange Planets 13 In The Valley Of The Kings 14 Lake Titicaca 15 Wondina Came From Heaven To The Mortals Too 16 The Obelisk Of Karnak 17 Easter Island 18 In Search Of The Ancient Astronaut 19 The Stone Heads Of La Venta 20 Rocket Science I 21 Memnon Colossi And The Pyramid Of Cholula (Theme From Chariots Of The Gods?) 22 Tula: Monumental Sculptures 23 Ancient Astronaut Samba 24 Mврбтяonte Alban And The Walls Of Cuzco 25 Ukrainian Cave Painting: Spaceman And Flying Saucer 26 Angel Of Promise 27 Return To The Stars 28 The Flying God Of Palenque (Theme From Chariots Of The Gods?) 29 Theme From Chariots Of The Gods? (Us Single Version) Исполнители The Peter Thomas Sound Orchestra Петер Томас (исполнитель, автор музыки) Peter Thomas.

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