Legends Of the Leafs: Toronto's 200 Greatest Hockey Heroes Издательство: Authorhouse, 2005 г Мягкая обложка, 356 стр ISBN 1420880802 Язык: Английский инфо 6762o.

This book probably never would have been written without the owners' lockout which led to the cancelled 2004-05 season Missing the fastest game in the world and my team, the Maple Leafs, I instead spent many бчриюcold and quiet winter nights last season wondering just who were the greatest Leaf players of all-time What started out as a search for a method of ranking the players evolved into a need to justify the results by organizing all the biographical and statistical data iвждщиnto one place and this is what came out of the research Interlacing many action segments with the facts, this is an attempt to make sports bios more entertaining and scintillating, as well as to illuminate the great moments in the history of the team Dating back to 1927, Toronto's team has a rich history integral to that of the NHL and this epistle is a must for all hockey fans, not just fans of the Leafs So come read about the legendary names of both the past and the present such впцздas Johnny Bower, Busher Jackson, Dave Keon, The Big M, Ed Belfour, Bill Barilko and many, many more Автор Bruce Meharg.